Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Eclecticity

Welcome to my eclecticity! "What is eclecticity," you might ask? Well, on my journey of my life up to this point of almost 29 years, I have learned so much about myself including my taste and style, which is ever-changing. I can never seem to fit my taste or style into any single category. I am drawn to so many different things and aesthetics and time-periods. The only "category" that all seems to fall on is "eclectic." So I took the term a step further to describe my world. My favorite chapter in the entire Bible has to be PROVERBS 31. It is the ultimate picture of what I want to be as a wife and a mother and a woman of God. Not entirely sure if others will welcome the idea, or read or even follow this blog but hey, a homemaker needs an outlet, right? So bear with me on this journey of life as I learn to manage this, my family, and try to restrain my obsession with almost every shade of blue. *Deep breath* Here I go...