Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Minty Fresh

I LOVE to paint...I mean, actually painting walls and wood and things. Whenever a friend tells me in their dreaded tone that they have to paint the house, I usually shoot my hand up in the air to volunteer like an excited 5 year old with an answer. Ok, maybe not exactly that way, but I DO enjoy it. I recently received a voucher for a free pre-mixed paint sample from Valspar.

As you can see, I couldn't wait to start using it (sorry for the mess!)! The color is called "sweet mint" and I am overly in love with this color right now. I had a yarn-wrapped bottle that fell over and broke into pieces (along with my heart because it took FOREVER to make that thing!). So I needed a replacement. Luckily, I saved a clear bottle from a soda earlier that was clean and waiting to be used. I poured some paint inside the bottle, placed the cap back on and shook it up some.
I tried to cover as much inside the bottle as I could without pouring in more, but alas, I needed a wee bit more so after having enough paint in I turned it upside down on a cloth I didn't mind ruining and let sit upside down for a few hours.
Once the paint poured out as much as it could, I turned it back up and sit overnight to completely dry. I salvaged what yarn I could from the bottle that broke and decided to wrap just the bottom part of the bottle using super glue (because I was out of hot glue).
When I was happy with how it looked, that was it!

I am very happy with it. It was an easy project, hardest part was the waiting of course :/. Here are a couple more crafts/projects I did with this beautiful paint color:
Up-cycled a coffee can by using masking tape (or painter's tape) to tape off the parts I wanted exposed, and just painted the rest with a couple of coats.

This is a decorative porcelain bowl that was all one color, I just added a little "pop" of color by painting the inside bottom.
 This was a candlestick holder (originally the same color as the bowl as part of a set) I painted it and glued (with superglue) the jar to it, painted the lid the same color and glued a flat marble to the top. Now it's an apothecary jar.
And finally this extra wood we had in our garage (left over from a previous project). I painted the whole thing with a couple coats and when it was completely dry, I added this vinyl decal via Uppercase Living, and then a coat of Mod Podge over that.
So there ya have it! My craft/project round up with the free paint sample! The voucher came in my Better Homes and Gardens magazine last month and I redeemed it at Lowe's. Always take advantage of those little freebies when you see them, ESPECIALLY paint (this is my second free paint sample, the first I got a couple years ago through Facebook)!