Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Clearance confessions

Hello! My name is Lisette Lopez and I am addicted to clearance. The best place I find clearance?? Good ol' Tarjay (Target). Since the appearance of Super Targets, I have had a long love affair with them and find no reason to stop. I own a Target debit which saves me 5% automatically on my total purchase which may not seem like a lot, but for someone like me who shops there regularly and gets all my household and grocery items, spending $100 automatically drops down 5 bucks. I love that on your receipt it keeps track of your savings JUST with the card alone, but throw in Target coupons and Cartwheel and manufacturer coupons, the savings are massive and really add up!

My sister has frequented trips with me and always laughs at me because I have a "route" I always do as soon as I enter those glorious double doors. First stop, the oh-so-amazing dollar section. They used to strictly sell only items that were $1 but have since added $3 and $5 items too, which still is pretty great for certain items. Items I frequently purchase from this section are individual snack items to occupy my kids' mouths while I attempt to shop without a meltdown, craft items, storage items, coloring books, and I have even grabbed electronic items. Next on my route is always the end caps on the search for those shiny, beckoning red tag clearance sections! I always have a budget when I go in, so say my husband gives me a budget of $110, that includes everything from grocery to household and maybe even an extra item or two. No matter my budget, I will always squeeze in some sort of clearance if they have some good ones going on because in my mind, if I don't grab it right then and there it will be completely gone by the next trip the following week. This week had some good clearance sections of home decor and beauty products.

 The best time to purchase home decor on clearance is the turn of the seasons!!! Especially the transition from summer to fall because they are making room for all the seasonal items. I had my eyes on many of these decor items for a while but when you have a tight budget and what you want is normally 12 bucks, the choice comes down to sacrificing a couple dinner items or scraping up the money later to grab it lol. Almost ALWAYS, the items I have my eyes on eventually go on clearance...the hard part? Patiently waiting for that glorious day. My budget was a bit of a squeeze this week so I was only able to purchase this little beauty for.. drum roll please.. $3.98!!! I plan to grab a few more next week if they are still here.
Right now I just decorated my home for Autumn because I am desperately attempting to usher in fall with my seasonal "rain dance" of decorating early, probably TOO early lol. So this little guy would be what would normally be around for summer so it will be put away for a while, I MIGHT be able to sneak it in for my Christmas decor though. :)
At target, when they have big clearances they will usually reserve at least one aisle for it. In this case, there was one available in the home decor area (where the picture frames and art would be). Occasionally, they will have hidden little sections of clearance tucked into little places here and there in random spots in the aisles. Almost ALL of the Target home decor that I have in my house have all been purchased on clearance. I have saved hundreds of dollars throughout the years by being patient.. and its so hard to sometimes especially when its fresh out of the box onto the store shelves and sitting there in all its pretty newness and you just HAVE to have it.. but trust me, if you don't have the money for it, and the price is not on sale or clearance, you will be kicking yourself later when you see how low it drops and wonder, "Why didn't I listen to Lisette?? She was right all along and I could have gotten that vase I paid 20 dollars for only 12!!" OK maybe you won't be saying that... but still, be patient and it will be worth it I promise!
Of course, a good trip to Target wouldn't be complete without a stop at Starbucks. I loved their display for their newest blend of Ethiopian beans and Kenya beans. And it smelled AAAHHHHHmazing!!
But I went for my comfort.. slow roasted ham and swiss with a grande skinny iced hazlenut macchiato<-- yes i probably spelled that wrong. :/ The best way to cap off a great Target trip. <3

Do you enjoy clearance? Are you a clearance connoisseur or a savings amateur?  What have been your best finds in clearance? Let me know in your comments I would love to hear them! <3