Thursday, March 27, 2014

Simple Pleasures

Hello interwebs and hello SPRING!!! I really enjoy watching the seasons shift.. right now in good ol' Southern California spring is in the air and taking effect in many areas. Spring is such a colorful and beautifully symbolic season of seeing renewal and life come from the long, cold dead of winter. Flowers bloom, birds are twitterpated and the temperature is what I wish it could be all year round. Something about the changing of seasons and experiencing it just lifts my spirits and really causes me to reflect and appreciate God's goodness in my life. So often it seems there is an endless pursuit of luxury, riches,comfort, and especially popularity or a wide acceptance from other people; I used to want those things and would even daydream about them. But now, I have learned to really appreciate and savor the simple things in my life.
Life can really become so busy and overwhelming that we get lost in all the noise. So I have decided to slow down a bit and really enjoy and savor things around me, even the smallest or simplest things. And what better opportunity to do so than with the fresh start of a new season?? Here are some of the simple pleasures I have gathered recently.
First up, a trip to the local farmer's market today and I was able to grab a full bouquet of these fresh and beautiful flowers for only 4 bucks!! I had enough to divide them in to 3 different vases. Having fresh flowers just brings such an elegant touch of beauty to the house and they smell amazing!! I LOVE me a trip to the farmers market!
This one is on my entry table.
The other morning this little guy woke up before the sun and came knocking on my door.. my husband had been away (he is a trucker) and so I welcomed this boy's company of cuddles. <3
I loved just being next to him, hearing his little breaths and heartbeat and seeing just how beautiful he is to me and savoring what is left of his "babyness."
Target had me at clearance.
Here's a little something I whipped up today. My sister had bought me two of these bottles for my birthday and I loved them but wasn't really sure what I was going to do with them yet. I enjoy making my own bath soaks and scrubs from time to time so I figured this was a perfect way to display it.
Painting my nails and reading a favorite magazine seem to always go hand in hand for me.
I could never tire of my favorite scents.. these are just a few I LOVE. Having different scents going in different rooms is just so exhilarating to me, it gives me the opportunity to have different scent experiences throughout my home.
Another thoughtful, beautiful gift from an even more beautiful friend.. a prayer journal. I just threw in the feather pen for fun ;)

So what are your simple pleasures? I would love to hear in the comments what you enjoy, maybe something that surprised you? Something you perhaps didn't always enjoy or have learned to enjoy? I hope you are all enjoying spring wherever you may be and remember to  stop and smell the roses, or hydrangeas, or daisies..or whatever you come across lol ;)
                                                                 God Bless! <3