Monday, February 24, 2014

Dapper Day

Last year on the very same day, my hubby and I were on a date at Disneyland before our passes expired. As we walked around we noticed a few people dressed up really spiffy and looking all cute and vintage and just thought, well, maybe they are coming from a special occasion. But we see more, and more, and more of them. Finally, my curiosity was eating me up and I absolutely HAD to stop and ask one of them what was this occasion that we missed the memo on and one explained to me about "dapper day." Two weekends a year, in spring and fall, they have "Dapper Day at the Parks," an unofficial Disney holiday created by fans where you "step out in style" and come to the parks "dressed in your Sunday best." I said to myself, "Self, we must do this one year!" So I went to and got all the info I needed and was even able to get discounted tickets just for the occasion. My husband, sister, and friend along with her husband came along with us as a way to celebrate my big 30th birthday. My REAL birthday is actually February 29... yes, you read that right..Leap Year. As you all know there is no leap year this year so I usually celebrate it the 28th, but Dapper Day landed on the 23 so, close enough, right?? Once we planned our trip, we saved cash to have for spending and eating and I am proud to report that we had about $15 left over and didn't touch our cards!

These were my accessories of choice for my outfit.

 This was THE dress :)
As you can see, there were faux pearls that I was SUPPOSED to wear but was the one thing I forgot to put on! :(
This was the day before. I practiced my hair and makeup until I was happy with it.
My very handsome and dashing hubby ;)
I had left all the pins in my hair in the car to let them set a little longer as we rode down and this was after I had just taken them all out and finished turning my front seat into a mobile styling salon. This is the BEST you will see my hair in any of the photos.. after the first ride it was done lol.
Stoked and ready to go! My sister and I.
We were in line for our first ride at radiator springs racers, probably the longest line of the day as usual.
My sister and I strike a fabulous pose.
One of my most FAVORITE pics of the day!
This was my friend's husband, Matt and my husband. My husband is 5'10" so ya.. Matt is tall lol
My sister, me, and my wonderful and beautiful friend Michelle.
THIS might be my most favorite shot of the day!!! *Kiss*
Ok, this is a picture of a picture, so I know the quality is terrible and I apologize but this was dinner at the Rianforest Cafe in downtown Disney. This was our fun pose. Perfect way to end the day!

We had SO MUCH FUN and it was so great seeing everyone's different style and taste and how everyone looked! It was like a chance to go back in time and dress in what would have been everyday attire for most people back then. We got stopped a few times to be complimented and asked about what was going on which was quite flattering. We really would like to do this again sometime for sure it was totally worth it! Now that you know, I would recommend that everyone do this at least once! Great memories and good times! Thank you to my lovely sister and the Hill's for celebrating with me you guys made it special and fun! <3 And a HUGE thank you to my dapper man who participated with me and did this all for me! I love you my darling and loved doing this with you!!

 Thank you, Dapper Day! We hope to one day again "step out in style" ;) <3