Monday, May 19, 2014

A Much Needed Date Day and Retail Therapy

Hello all! I would apologize for the distance between blogging but I'm not sure anyone noticed lol. Motherhood has been kicking my rear lately, I mean bad. I have had more bad days in the last few months than I care to count, and have many many times failed at everything it seemed.

Do you ever have times where you let your feelings completely take over to the breaking point? Ya, that's how its been for me. I even did what I swore I would never do and was getting angry with God. But God is SO patient with us, even in our anger. He humbly reminds me what I need to do to fix it all, even after I'm complaining and whining about why I have such trouble being a mother while "everyone else" sails through it so seemingly beautifully. I know that is a gross exaggeration but it sure feels like that sometimes.
So in hopes to take a breather, I asked my husband if we had the funds for a date day and praise the sweet Lord, he said we did. My sister and mom grabbed our kids while the mister and I ventured down to Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. I would go as far as to say its my favorite place to shop that is somewhat nearby.
 It was a gorgeous warm, sunny day in Southern California and I wore a sleeveless, lacey black maxi dress with a belt and he put on his favorite short sleeve button-up and we drove down and grabbed tickets to see "Heaven is for Real" (such a good movie) and if anyone chooses to go see it, bring the tissue box.. I bawled. I literally left the theater with red eyes lol. Luckily, I had some cash on me left over from Mother's Day and was able to get mah shop ooonnnnn...
Got me 4 cute tops from Mode Plus, my favorite affordable plus size store. I would compare it to forever 21, Ross, V-genertaion.
Ok, i'm not gonna lie I have no idea what happened to this picture between me taking it and uploading it..boooo. Anywho, this was the first I grabbed, an eyelet, coral peplum top. I can't wear it until I find a matching tank to wear under it though, the bottom half is too sheer ><
Loved this tank that I almost missed as I walked out. It has a cute bow detail on the back too.

This one is so pretty, very light and sheer and I LOVE the print.
This one is a black, floral print peplum(ish) top.
And last but not least, I grabbed these sunnies that were only 9 bucks. I lost my other favorite cheapie pair that I once owned from the Target dollar section. They were cute and certainly did the job.. but these are satisfying replacements. :)

For LINNER (a combination of lunch and dinner) we ate at P.F. Changs..which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to eat. The last time we ate there we had ordered the hot and sour soup which is something I'm pretty sure I could live off for the rest of my life. So we ordered it again..along with egg rolls, sweet and sour chicken, and Pad Tai. Oh it was good... REAL GOOD. That mustard they serve, is stinking HOT. I just dabbed a bit on my finger and tasted it and a hole almost burned through my tongue where it landed. I dared Albert to try but he was too chicken.
I cannot tell you just how MUCH I needed this day!! It was such a welcomed break from the craziness that was taking place from the kids and packing and fighting in our marriage. At the end of the day we sat on a bench for a few while an older man (in his 70's but very healthy looking) just started chatting up a storm with us. He was so sweet and just talked to us about his life and history, he is a Navajo Native American and talked about his parents marriage of 64 years before they passed and it was so neat and interesting to hear him just talk about life and before he left, he told us we will beat his current marriage record of 51 years. :) I sure hope so! <3

Now, I leave you with a question (that no one seems to ever answer when I ask them on here lol), what kinds of things do you like to do on a date? What is your most favorite date that you have taken? What did you do? I would love to hear about them in the comments :)