Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Happening Collective's First Workshop

It has been a crazy couple of months! We have been busy packing and getting ready to move into our temporary home for the next 6 months and we have also had the misfortune of having our only family car break down on us which it NEVER gave us a single problem before! Thankfully we were able to replace the problem cheaply but on top of that it just seemed one expense after another that came at us and we found ourselves without a penny extra to spare. This posed a problem for me because I wanted tickets to the very first workshop by The Happening Collective! They did a chance to win tickets on Instagram but a girl I knew won instead. So I figured that would have been my only chance to attend until just last week, the girl who had won messaged me and asked if I would like to have the tickets because she was unable to attend. I said HECK YES I DO!!
The Happening Collective is done by two lovely cousins, Sara and Kalie and their aesthetic is very cool and modern and trendy. I had the pleasure of meeting these two at the Glitter and Spice Workshop last year and was so excited to hear that they collaborated to do this and could not wait to attend! This first workshop consisted of "Macrame and Succulents." We created hanging succulent planters with macrame and, in my case, a doily and mason jar. Everything was Black and white, with pops of neon green, pink, and yellow.
These were "goodie bags" for us ladies who attended.
How cool is this BOXED water?! I mean seriously..I had so much fun drinking out of this!

This is what was at our table, a snack box with our names on it, our name tags, and delicious munchies inside the box.

Materials needed/gathered to get started! We had the choice between 3 different macrame styles and of course I, being in love with all things vintage like doilies and mason jars, chose this one.
Just an itty bitty adorable succulent! It was waiting for me to transplant him into his new home.
Collette Budd from BrierRose Design gave us some instruction on how to properly plant and care for our succulents and thank goodness she did because I realized why I can't seem to keep mine alive!
Welcome to your new home little guy!
Isn't it cute?? We were given natural wooden beads to use in our macrame so I painted half of them an aqua color and left the rest natural. I thought it looked kind of beachy, which my house has MUCH of and this will fit in quite easily almost anywhere in the house.
Ok and now for the GOODIE BAGS! I giggled when I looked through it, these ladies are so witty and cute and showed much of their personalities in the contents!
Gardening gloves (which I needed!), a little notebook and neon pencil, a highlighter, the spoon was from BRD, and so was the seed cup, but the squirt gun had a tag that said, "You ain't cool until you wet your plants!" I thought that was so funny and clever and I used it to water some other succulents I already had and it is definitely a LOT more fun watering them now!

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Be sure to check out this video of the workshop as well! :)