Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peace out, 2013!!!

It has arrived! New Year's Eve; the one holiday that gives you a fresh start. What's this mama doing?? Pshh.. I'm putting on my finest PJ's, fuzzy socks, having a movie marathon and pretending for the last time that I can eat however I want! Don't be jealous! This year was rough for me, to say the least. It has been filled with many trials and struggles as a mother especially. So, I would be lying if I said I was "sad" to see 2013 go.. NOPE! Be gone 2013!!!! lol
So we do it every year...the infamous "new year's resolutions." We are motivated, going to lose those 15 lbs, and then by about May, we have completely forgotten or abandoned our resolution(s) all together. Yes, I am quite guilty of this. BUT, since I am blogging my resolutions, I have no excuse; I will forever have them in front of me where I cannot lose them and I will have all year to work on them. I never have just ONE resolution, and I aim to make them lifetime resolutions, not just for the new year, but at least making it through one year is a small step.  I have a total of 2 "followers" on this blog, and I don't expect anyone else to actually take the time to read through it but if my resolutions help to motivate anyone else beside myself, that would be AMAZING! So behold, I give you my 2014 resolutions!!

1. Do more/be more involved with my family--Turning off the electronics, going on walks together, having game nights, doing crafts, as long as we are spending quality time.

2. Never miss a day of devotions, personal or with the family--for those who may not know, "devotions" are time spent with the Lord in Bible study, prayer, meditation and worship. This requires extra discipline on my side, there are days where I get so busy and make excuses..there are no excuses, I MUST do them!

3. Be healthier--of course that includes losing weight for me but I also mean no more JUNK. Not just food, but junk tv, junk sites, junk anything! Healthy physically, mentally, AND spiritually!

4. Don't sweat the small stuff--sometimes we try so hard to be in control, but God is in ULTIMATE control! When something doesn't go our way, or according to our plans or wishes, we have meltdowns and hissy fits. It's not the end of the world if my house is a mess for one day, it's not the end of the world if the kids are fussing, it's not the end of the world if no one comments on my blog or social media-No. Big. Deal.

5. Be more patient/loving--this is especially true for me as a mother. I have allowed myself to lose my temper too often and have not shown my children love by example. I have a best friend (love you Britt!) who gives me a hard dose of TRUTH in love and is constantly reminding me of this when I cry to her about my kids.

6. Get our finances in order--we have a plan this year, we NEED to see it through!!!

7. Have at least ONE date with my husband every month--this doesn't mean we have to spend money or go out. We can do it at home after the kids are in bed, we can go for a walk, whatever it takes.

8. Get a new tattoo--I decided that any tattoo I get will be honoring to my faith, and I have a really good one in mind for my number 2!!!

9. Be mindful of social media--it can be both a blessing and a curse. I have lost friendships over things I post on my OWN page. Someone out there will always disagree with your opinions or views, and most of them choose to cause drama, if not careful, we end up opening a can of worms and doing more damage than we set out to. I plan to get on once in a great while, manage what I need, and get off. otherwise, we can spend hours and getting sucked into what we don't need.

10. LAUGH MORE--pretty self explanatory. Just need to enjoy every day more, find the happiness and live it!

So there you have it! I will be held especially accountable, at times I'm sure I will fail, but the thing is to keep going! Get up and dust yourself off and try again! HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! May you have a blessed year and a safe one! God bless!